Meet a Sister

The story of how each member of our Congregation came to join the Franciscan Missionaries of St. Joseph is unique to every sister. Some have known our sisters since childhood; others worked with them; others read about what the sisters did in our magazine, The Herald, no longer published. Each sister joined with some vision of what she might be doing, e.g. teaching, taking care of children, serving on the missions. But, in many cases, what she really ended up doing is very different from what she thought she might do. The "Meet a Sister" page is a way to introduce you to some of our sisters. We hope you enjoy their stories.

Sr Margaret McGrath

I was born in Glasgow, Scotland into a loving family of two brothers, with whom, and their extended families, I am still very close. My one sister died at age 8 when I was 6. My parents were loving and wonderful.

I have truly loved my life as an FMSJ Sister and have had the joy of serving in many ministries, including the Rescue Society in Didsbury, Bursar General of the Congregation while simultaneously serving as the Generalate local Superior. Afterwards I studied for a Diploma in Franciscan Studies at the Franciscan International Study Centre (FISC) in Canterbury and then obtained my MA in Franciscan Studies in the States.

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Sr Anne Moore

I was born in Glasgow in 1950, the first born and only girl in a family of four.  I felt called to the FMSJ’s through reading our Herald when I was in secondary school.

Sr Noel Barron

Born in Donegal, Ireland Sr. Noel Barron, FMSJ moved to Penilee, Scotland with her family when she was 11. In 1962 she entered our Congregation in Cork, Ireland.

Sr Rita Mmera Ambia

My name is Sr. Rita Mmera Ambia FMSJ. I made my first profession in 2012 in Nairobi after completing my novitiate.

Sr Yenny Arce

I was born in Milagro, Ecuador. I have one brother and four sisters; I am the last born. I like riding horses, swimming and nature because I was born in the country side.