Care for the Environment

Prayer in response to the Cry of the Earth

Sister Maureen Murphy, FMSJ

Lord, make each one of us an instrument of change to respond to the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor.
Where there is arrogance, apathy and avarice, let us be more generous in our service of others and our care of all creation.
Where there is disregard for those who are suffering in any way, let us do all we can to alleviate their pain.
Where people are hungry or thirsty, sick or in prison, let us remember the words of the Gospel and become your hands and feet, your ears and eyes to provide food, water, medicine and human contact.
Where global economic greed destroys rain forests and poisons rivers, let us plant saplings and promote new green technologies.
Where mines and fossil fuels destroy the natural beauty of our created world, let us find and promote new clean and natural energy resources.
Where we have misused and abused the many plants and creatures on the earth so that they are now nearing extinction, let us listen to experts who can show us how to preserve your gifts of life instead of continuing on the path of destruction.
Where there is land erosion caused by over farming, logging and unsafe construction works, let us seek to educate those responsible and look after and provide for those who are vulnerable from the loss of their livelihoods or homes.

For we can no longer profess to be your followers, Lord, when we ignore what is happening around us, when we turn a blind eye to profiteering, greed and pollution , when we fail to speak out in the cause of truth, justice and right.
It is in promoting what is good, just and wholesome that we can change mindsets and make the world a better place.
It is in thinking more of others and less of self gratification, that the world’s resources can be protected and more evenly shared.
It is in preserving, protecting and restoring all of your creation that we can enable new life to continue to be born and a new creation to flourish.
Lead us, Father, towards a new normal, rich in Gospel values with Jesus as our constant companion and with the wisdom of your Spirit as our guide. Amen



CARE FOR THE EARTH. Sister Caroline Bii

I work in Kibera slums in Nairobi with an organization called women for women that support women and children from poor and vulnerable backgrounds. Care for the earth is quite unimaginable in Kibera slums in Kenya. Here life presents itself with lots of challenges every sunrise and sunset to the people living in Kibera slums.

Kibera is highly populated which makes the place congested. People live in poorly constructed houses and drainages are poorly done.  There is lack of proper wastes disposal and real abject poverty.Polythene bags and plastics are carelessly thrown in the drainages which has led to blockages. This in turn result in air pollution and makes the environment dirty.

To curb on the issue of waste disposal, we discuss with a group of women from Kibera on the importance of proper disposal of waste and the significance of teaching their families how to dispose their waste properly. They practice separating wastes into degradable and undegradable, then disposing in the right places. We believe mothers are good family teachers and with time the impact will be felt by the entire community.On the occasions of home visits, we promote the awareness of proper waste disposal because it is a big challenge affecting Kibera environs.