Congregational Statements on Justice and Peace

Constitutions of the Franciscan Missionaries of St. Joseph

C 43 In our apostolates, we seek to promote the gospel values of love, fraternity, justice and peace, and we play a full part in enterprises for human development. Each Community, according to its circumstances, should be inserted into its locality, in an attitude of openness and docility to the promptings of the Holy Spirit.

Directives of the Franciscan Missionaries of St. Joseph

D21 Our Christian awareness must be translated into action, promoting and encouraging a pro-life stance for all stages of life and influencing political and legal structures. Wherever we are, we have a responsibility to take the lead and to encourage others to have an attitude of respect and love and to practise good stewardship.

D22 Justice and Peace are an integral part of living Gospel values. It is the responsibility of each Community to empower / enable Sisters to be pro-active in Justice and Peace issues particularly in influencing legislation.
In each Area and Region there is to be a Representative of Justice and Peace who will empower local Community Representatives to generate involvement in Justice and Peace issues.

A Justice and Peace Co-ordinator is appointed by the Congregational Leader with the consent of the Congregational Leadership Team.

D23 Justice and Peace Representatives will liaise with each other and bring Justice and Peace and environmental issues to the attention of Communities to initiate active involvement.
There should be on-going evaluation regarding environmental and Justice and Peace issues in Communities and Assemblies.

Communities are responsible for bringing to the attention of Justice and Peace Representatives any Justice and Peace and environmental concerns.

D24 We commit ourselves wholeheartedly to create an atmosphere of Safety and Protection for all, but especially for Children and Vulnerable Adults and show courage and determination in Safeguarding the Rights of the most vulnerable among us.

A safeguarding Co-Ordinator is appointed by the Congregational Leader with the consent of the Congregational Leadership Team

2017 Chapter statement on Justice and Peace and Care of the Environment

Identifying with the inspiration in Laudato Sí we undertake to care for Mother Earth, our home. The document clearly shows the impact of environmental policy and practices on the poorest of our world.

We will continue our commitment to raising awareness of Human trafficking.