Charism (From 1993 General Chapter)

As followers of Francis and in the spirit of Mother Foundress, we centre our lives on Jesus, the Word made flesh, and born in poverty. Like Francis who was called the mirror of Christ, we strive to become the love of God made visible.

Francis' encounter with the leper was his liberation – giving him freedom to love and respect the dignity of all people. As Franciscans, we open ourselves to persons who are the most isolated, vulnerable, voiceless and marginalised in our society. We hear their cry and respond to it.

We are to be a source of life and hope to one another, believing that "sistering" is central to our Franciscan vocation and community living and then, in turn, be that life and hope to all whose lives we have the privilege to touch.

We are concerned with the natural resources of our earth and strive to use them with the reverence and respect Francis had for all creation.

As Franciscans we are to be always ready to respond joyfully with flexibility and courage to the ever- changing needs within the Church. Following the example of Mother Foundress, we realise that sometimes, patient waiting is the best response and an indication of our poverty.

In our life together, reconciliation, that is the fruit of the giving and receiving of compassion, is paramount. Our homes are to be places of reconciliation. By striving to live the Gospel faithfully, we breathe new life into our communities.