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The Franciscan Missionaries of St Joseph became a Registered Charity in 1963. We are registered as a charity for the advancement of the Roman Catholic religion and we evangelise through our charitable works and ministries witnessing to the love of God for all his people, regardless of colour, creed, race, material wealth. We follow in the footsteps of St Francis of Assisi in seeking out and serving especially the poor and the marginalized in ministries of teaching, nursing and social work. We are currently ministering in England, Ireland, The Netherlands, Kenya, Uganda, North and South America.

We ask you to support our work through your prayers for all our Sisters, remembering those in active ministry throughout the world and also those who are elderly and sick after a lifetime of service to others and who now spend their lives in prayer. Many Sisters will tell you how they feel sustained in difficult times by the prayer of others. Through prayer you share in our task of spreading the Gospel and furthering God’s kingdom.

Prayer Requests

Requests for prayers for your intentions may be sent to our email address, While we promise to pray for your intentions when we receive them, we are unable to respond in writing to each request.

Mission Appeals

The Franciscan Missionaries of St. Joseph belong to the Sisters Mission Committee. This is an umbrella organisation for the Missionary Sisters of England and Wales, part of the CMU.

Financial Support

If you would like further information on how to support the different ministries of the Sisters, please contact Sister Anne Moore – Bursar General at