UISG Plenary Talk: A Vision for the Future of Religious Life Sr. Teresa Maya, CCVI

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Posted on: 06 May 2019

Author:Sr Joan Kerley


In her plenary talk at the USIG today, Sr. Teresa Maya, CCVI spoke of the necessity of hope. She writes:

"The time for words is over, so forgive the ones I am using here! We need a new way of witnessing that will manifest our values, that will be more intelligible and accessible for our time. Gospel news needs to be told in art, symbol and gesture. These are times to share the kind of deep meaning that cannot be found in words. A friend reminded me that the crisis around the world could not be reasoned or problem solved. We need to give our rational minds a sabbatical so that the creative, non-linear, subconscious can help us navigate through story, poetry, art, symbol, and gesture. We have a new apostolic call to offer meaning to a suffering world, with the non-verbal language that our consecrated life can speak with such beauty. We need to offer a prophecy the world can see.

The vision for this kind of prophecy will emerge from the narrative of hope embedded deep in the soul of our charisms. We are a people with a vision, a vision of the love and compassion of God for all creation. Women religious, as we are, young and old, many and sparse, must witness to compassion, like the people in my little stories. Our prophetic vision is in our hearts, hands, and feet. The places we walk, the people we touch, the way we accompany, the prayers we pray, tell the story of compassion embedded in the hope for the Reign of God, where Jesus calls us to follow. We witness restoring dignity to all human beings, to our planet, one simple, loving spiritual act of compassion at a time. José Antonio Pagola writes that "for Jesus, compassion is not just one more virtue, but rather the only way to imitate God, the only way to see the world, to treat people and to react to human beings in a manner most like God's." [1] Our way to prophecy is through compassion. Compassion all can see, not read or hear, but simply see. We need not do anything more, or anything less.

Prophecy and hope dance in the endless cycle compassion weaves into the future promised by God. Our small simple acts of compassion offers this vision of creation to every single human being as prophecy because we believe!"

The English text of her talk can be found by clicking on this link: A Vision for the Future of Religious Life Sr Teresa Maya

The Youtube video of her talk (part English, part Spanish) may be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Si3SS66YNkI&feature=youtu.be