Sister Maureen’s reflection: 12 May

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Posted on: 16 May 2019

Author:Sr Joan Kerley


Yesterday I moved from the hotel where we had to be for the conference to a convent guest house near St Peter’s. It is only three minutes walk away. First of all I went to get the official photos of me with the Pope and it took a long time to find the place down a back street. The result was worth waiting for. Later I explored some local churches to have some quiet time in which to give thanks for all the experiences of the past week. It really was special.

Today there was a group from Canada staying here so they had Mass in the house and I was able to join them which was good as I would have only had Mass in Italian otherwise.

Then I wandered around the Vatican and St Peter’s before taking a bus tour of the city. You were meant to get on and off on the way round and I did that to begin with seeing the Trevi fountain and a lovely church called Our Lady of the Angels and Martyrs. Then came a terrific storm with huge hail stones so we stayed on the bus as we passed St Mary Major and the Colisseum. I went round twice in order to stay dry and it was most enjoyable and relaxing after the busy week. Then I joined the Sisters for a Holy Hour, rosary and evening prayer.

Now I am preparing for the meetings I have tomorrow and Tuesday and they will be very full days from 8 until 5pm. Love and prayers Maureen