Sister Maureen: Reflections from Rome, Day 2

Posted on: 05 May 2019

Author:Sr Joan Kerley


Greetings again from a sunny but cold and windy Rome. I have just come back from Mass at the local church. There are five to choose from on a Sunday as there seems to be no shortage of priests. Sr Brenda, a Sister of Nazareth, just arrived and I am waiting to meet up with some of the others. This morning I was talking to a Sister of Mercy from Australia and she told me the sad news that a Sister of Mercy in Birmingham had been involved in a hit and run accident as she crossed the road and has since died. Please remember Sister Ita Keane in your prayers RIP and also her superior Sister Philomena who is a friend of mine.

I had breakfast today with a Franciscan Sister from upstate New York. It was good to be able to listen to her and share with her about the challenges we sometimes face in our Leadership positions. It made me thankful that I am blessed with the support of a good leadership team.

Thank you to those of you who sent emails in response to my email yesterday and to Sr Joan who shared some of it on our web page. She also posted some of the Conference media posts on our FMSJ Facebook page. I did send some emails back but the internet was hit and miss last night because we had a storm so some may not have actually gone in the end.

I received the good news from Sr Anne yesterday that Sr Kevina was discharged from hospital and has gone to Burnley to convalesce. Sister is recovering from emergency surgery and I ask you to continue to pray for her. I know that she appreciates very much your messages and prayers.

Tomorrow is a Bank Holiday in the UK so enjoy your day off Sisters. They had it on 1st May here so we are off to an early start at 8am tomorrow. I will write again tomorrow. Let us pray for one another and for Pope Francis who flew to Bulgaria this morning. God bless. Love and prayers Maureen