Reflection on the theme of being sowers of hope in our world today

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Posted on: 08 May 2019

Author:Sr Joan Kerley


My prayer this morning took me back to the opening prayer of the conference which reminded us that as women religious we are called to go out to the whole world because like the women before the empty tomb we are called to give hope to the world.

Each one of us is like a seed, all of us are different seeds just like we are from many nations and yet we are all one in the Lord. Seeds can be carefully planted or they can be randomly scattered but each one has to make a relationship with the earth. So too, wherever I am planted or replanted I have to be in relationship with those in my community, my Congregation, my parish, my neighbourhood, my family. What seeds are already within me as today begins and how many more might be planted in me while I am here if I am open to receive His word?

Show me Lord how to respond, how to deepen what you stir up in my heart as I hear your word and by the gift of your Spirit help me to grow like a seed in the earth. Send me rain and sunshine to nourish the seeds so that in these days they may bear fruit in my life, in all our lives.

Speak your word to us Lord and remind us of the plans you have for us, plans to bring hope. [Jer: 29:11] Enable us to live for one another but show us also how to die to ourselves because like the grain of wheat that has to die to become bread for others so too must we in order to serve the poor and those you place in our lives each day.

Show us Lord how you want us to serve you today. Deepen our trust and enliven our faith so that wherever we are we may be symbols of prophetic hope in our world.

Blessed be God, how wonderful are His ways!