FMSJ Associate Janet Tyldesley

My story as an FMSJ Associate begins when I worked with Sister Laetitia Poder, FMSJ who was the housekeeper at Wardley Hall ( home of the Bishop of Salford).  I am married to Graham for 44 years. We have two daughters and a four- and one-half year old grandson who keeps us on our toes. Sr. Laetitia Poder FMSJ was the housekeeper and I was part of a team that worked alongside Sister for many years. Sadly, Sister became very poorly and passed away in 2010. When it became clear there was no other sister to take her position, it seemed such a loss to us who knew and worked with her and her obvious connection to her Order, the Franciscan Missionaries of St. Joseph. It was at that time I asked the Sisters if there was anyway I could become involved with the Sisters ( so as to continue their presence in a small way at Wardley Hall. I was told about their formation of the Associates. I was so thrilled. It has been over nine years since becoming a FMSJ Associate. It is such a privilege and joy to have come to know the Sisters and the other associates who have become treasured friends.The Sisters are so generous of themselves, their time and are so hospitable. We meet at St. Joseph’s Convent for our meetings which are based on Franciscan Spirituality which is so uplifting and informative. Each year we have the opportunity to go on retreat. This is a most special time for us all who are able to attend. It gives us the opportunity to give serious thought to our commitment to the FMSJ Community. We commit for a period of twelve months. This involves us writing our own “Personal Way of Life” which is not just what we want to give of ourselves personally but what is personal between ourselves and Our Lord.I am writing this for those who might be interested in becoming involved with the FMSJ Associates. I am only saying, as someone very important to us all said, “Come and See.” You won’t be disappointed and it’s a wonderful journey.

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