• On the 2nd May 1871, Alice Ingham, a 41-year old Lancashire woman, her stepmother and two friends began community life together. In Franciscan simplicity...

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  • Sister Maureen Murphy is our current Congregational Leader. She is assisted by Sister Anne Moore, assistant Congregational Leader and bursar, Sister Margaret...

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  • In today's world it is increasingly difficult to meet nuns or religious sisters in person. And yet there are many thousands of sisters in every part of the world...

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Extraordinary Month of Mission

October 1, 2019

Extraordinary Month of Mission: Baptized and Sent https://www.cbcew.org.uk/home/events/extraordinary-month-of-mission/ Pope Francis has designated October 2019 as an “Extraordinary Month of Mission” to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of Maximum Illud, Pope Benedict XV’s Apostolic Letter that gave a new impetus to the missionary proclamation of the Gospel to all peoples.  The Theme is: BAPTIZED AND SENT: THE CHURCH OF CHRIST ON MISSION IN THE WORLD. Four themes will be explored during the month. A personal encounter with Jesus Christ living in his […]

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Sister Maureen’s reflection on delegates’ meeting in Rome

May 13, 2019

Thanks to so many of you who have written to thank me for the emails I sent last week. I am pleased you enjoyed hearing what I have been doing. Today we began meetings for those who are the delegates representing the other leaders in their country and as you will remember I am here for the leaders from the UK. There are 40 delegates at the meetings and nine members of the board so it is a much smaller […]

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Sister Maureen’s reflection: 12 May

May 12, 2019

Yesterday I moved from the hotel where we had to be for the conference to a convent guest house near St Peter’s. It is only three minutes walk away. First of all I went to get the official photos of me with the Pope and it took a long time to find the place down a back street. The result was worth waiting for. Later I explored some local churches to have some quiet time in which to give thanks […]

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Mission Statement

We are an International Franciscan Roman Catholic Missionary Congregation for women.

We live in community and we are currently working in the U.K, Ireland, The Netherlands, Ecuador, Kenya, Uganda and the U.S.A.

We evangelise through our witness to the love of Christ for his people in ministries of teaching, nursing, and catechesis, social and pastoral work.

Justice & Peace

Privacy and Safeguarding Statements

As a Congregation we are committed to promoting a culture of Safeguarding in all of our ministries and are aligned to the Salford Diocesan Safeguarding Commission. We advocate for justice and peace issues wherever we are throughout the world.

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