• On the 2nd May 1871, Alice Ingham, a 41-year old Lancashire woman, her stepmother and two friends began community life together. In Franciscan simplicity...

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  • Sister Maureen Murphy is our current Congregational Leader. She is assisted by Sister Anne Moore, assistant Congregational Leader and bursar, Sister Margaret...

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  • In today's world it is increasingly difficult to meet nuns or religious sisters in person. And yet there are many thousands of sisters in every part of the world...

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Obituary: Sister Christina Bruinsma, FMSJ

July 8, 2017

Your prayers are requested for the repose of the soul of SISTER CHRISTINA BRUINSMA, FMSJ who died in Vrijland on Thurday 6th July 2017 aged 91 years   Ytje Bruinsma was born on 26th February 1926 at Hennaarderadeel in the Netherlands and baptised the following day. She was the youngest of the five children of Gerben and Susanna Bruinsma. Ytje obtained a diploma in tailoring before she entered the Congregation as a postulant in September 1955. She became a novice […]

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R.I.P. Sr. Christina Bruinsma, FMSJ

July 7, 2017

Please pray for the soul of Sister Christina Bruinsma, FMSJ  who died peacefully last night, 6th July 2017,  at Missiehuis, Vrijland, the Netherlands. Her obituary will follow. May she rest in peace.

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Obituary: Sister Josephine Thompson, FMSJ

July 4, 2017

Your prayers are requested for the soul of Sister Josephine Thompson, FMSJ, Who died at the Franciscan Convent, Burnley On Friday 30th June 2017 aged 86 years Josephine Thompson was born on 20th March 1931 in Malahide, Dublin and baptised the following day. She was the only daughter and second child of her parents Nicholas and Cecelia Thompson and is survived by her brother, William.   Josephine was educated at the Presentation Convent school and was a tailoring apprentice at the […]

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Sister Josephine Thompson, FMSJ: May she rest in peace.

June 30, 2017

Please pray for the repose of the soul of Sister Josephine Thompson, FMSJ, who died peacefully today at our convent in Burnley. She was an avid gardener, missionary sister and nurse, and a wonderful community member. Her obituary will follow. May she rest in peace!

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Congratulations to our new Leadership Team

June 18, 2017

Congratulations to Sisters Anne Moore, assistant Congregational Leader, and Sisters Margaret Nyabongoye, Brenda Makokha and Joan Kerley, council members, who were elected today to assist Sister Maureen Murphy, our Congregational Leader. May God bless them as they serve the Congregation in this Leadership role.

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Mission Statement

We are an International Franciscan Roman Catholic Missionary Congregation for women.

We live in community and we are currently working in the U.K, Ireland, The Netherlands, Ecuador, Kenya, Uganda and the U.S.A.

We evangelise through our witness to the love of Christ for his people in ministries of teaching, nursing, and catechesis, social and pastoral work.

Justice & Peace

As a Congregation we are committed to promoting a culture of Safeguarding in all of our ministries and are aligned to the Salford Diocesan Safeguarding Commission. We advocate for justice and peace issues wherever we are throughout the world.

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