Sr Margaret McGrath

I was born in Glasgow, Scotland into a loving family of two brothers, with whom, and their extended families, I am still very close. My one sister died at age 8 when I was 6. My parents were loving and wonderful.

I have truly loved my life as an FMSJ Sister and have had the joy of serving in many ministries, including the Rescue Society in Didsbury, Bursar General of the Congregation while simultaneously serving as the Generalate local Superior. Afterwards I studied for a Diploma in Franciscan Studies at the Franciscan International Study Centre (FISC) in Canterbury and then obtained my MA in Franciscan Studies in the States.

For many years I held several ministries at FISC, first as the Director of Franciscan Studies and then as the Director of the one-year Ecumenical Training Programme in Spiritual Direction. As a trained Spiritual Director, I have given many Directed Retreats over the years. I currently live at Franciscan Convent in Burnley.

I was privileged to serve on the Leadership Team for six years and have served on the Formation Team for the UK and the Netherlands.

What has been my "best time"? The friendship of the Sisters and of my many friends. But surely, the greatest gift has been the tremendous opportunities the Congregation has given me to draw ever closer to Christ and in turn to take Him to His people.

I am fascinated by the discoveries being made in outer space and in technology which affects every part of our lives.

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