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Sister Maureen’s reflection on delegates’ meeting in Rome

Thanks to so many of you who have written to thank me for the emails I sent last week. I am pleased you enjoyed hearing what I have been doing. Today we began meetings for those who are the delegates representing the other leaders in their country and as you will remember I am here for the leaders from the UK. There are 40 delegates at the meetings and nine members of the board so it is a much smaller […]

Sister Maureen’s reflection: 12 May

Yesterday I moved from the hotel where we had to be for the conference to a convent guest house near St Peter’s. It is only three minutes walk away. First of all I went to get the official photos of me with the Pope and it took a long time to find the place down a back street. The result was worth waiting for. Later I explored some local churches to have some quiet time in which to give thanks […]

Sister Maureen at the meeting of UISG members with Pope Francis

As I told you yesterday, we had a papal audience today and it was truly wonderful. We were all in for breakfast as soon as the dining room opened at 6am and we left afterwards in a fleet of taxis for St Peter’s where we queued up with other pilgrims to go through security for Mass under the window of the Holy Spirit which also shows the chairs of St Peter. We sat in quiet prayer for over an hour […]

UISG Plenary talk: Sowers of Prophetic Hope: The Call to Interreligious Dialogue

Prof. Donna Orsuto spoke to the Plenary on the topic of “Sowers of Prophetic Hope: The Call to Interreligious Dialogue.” She spoke of 5 practical ways to do this: First, recognize that many of you are already directly involved in interreligious dialogue and strengthen these relationships  Second, reach out to your neighbours Third, caste out fear through knowledge:  learn more about people of other religions and their beliefs  Fourth, pray; pray for peace between people of different religions   Fifth, […]

Sister Maureen: reflection on day 4 at UISG Plenary

Today has been another very full day which again began with a beautiful prayer in Spanish based on our senses and the need to use them in our inter religious dialogue. We prayed that with our eyes we will captivated by the beauty of God and that our own eyes will see His people who need our love and our care. With our ears we will listen to the slight breeze which will distinguish the cries of the poor and […]

Sister Maureen’s Reflection on Day 3: Living Interculturally

Our theme today was living interculturally and we began with a beautiful prayer when first of all we were all asked to remove our shoes because we were walking on holy ground. With barefoot open hearts we listened to the words of the prophet Isaiah 43:18-20. “ Forget the former things and do not dwell on the past . See I am doing a new thing. I am making a path in the wilderness and streams in dry land.” We […]

UISG Plenary Talk Intercultural Life As a Sign of Prophetic Hope

Sister Adriana Carla Milmanda SSpS spoke today on the topic of “Intercultural Life as A sign of Prophetic Hope.” She writes: “Signs give us clues, call our attention and point us to something that goes beyond themselves. They are concrete, they are temporary, and they must be correctly interpreted and decoded. Now, for all these reasons, signs are fragile and limited… but they also have an extraordinary symbolic power that can capture our imagination and connect us with the transcendent, […]

Sister Maureen’s reflection on Days 1 and 2 Plenary Sessions

I promised to share a few reflections on the talks we are hearing at the UISG plenary sessions.  On Monday afternoon we had our first presentation from Sr Teresa Maya on the subject of a vision for the future of Religious Life. She challenged us a great deal but recognised the tremendous amount of work to be done. We committed to making change slowly like those people she saw rebuilding the coral reef in Puerto RICO after the hurricane.They were […]

UISG talks on the Care of the Planet

There were two talks given today at the Plenary that focused on the care of the planet. The first talk is titled “Sowers of Prophetic Hope for the Planet. The Responsibilities of Religious Life: A Biblical Perspective.” This talk was presented by Sr. Judette Gallares, RC. It can be found by clicking on this link: Sowers of Prophetic Hope for the Planet Judette-Gallares_ENG The second talk is titled: ” UISG Campaign for the Planet: Laudato Si and the Way Forward.” It […]

Sister Maureen: Reflection on the theme of being sowers of hope in our world today

My prayer this morning took me back to the opening prayer of the conference which reminded us that as women religious we are called to go out to the whole world because like the women before the empty tomb we are called to give hope to the world. Each one of us is like a seed, all of us are different seeds just like we are from many nations and yet we are all one in the Lord. Seeds can […]