UISG Plenary talk: Sowers of Prophetic Hope: The Call to Interreligious Dialogue

Prof. Donna Orsuto spoke to the Plenary on the topic of “Sowers of Prophetic Hope: The Call to Interreligious Dialogue.” She spoke of 5 practical ways to do this:

First, recognize that many of you are already directly involved in interreligious dialogue and strengthen these relationships 

Second, reach out to your neighbours

Third, caste out fear through knowledge:  learn more about people of other religions and their beliefs 

Fourth, pray; pray for peace between people of different religions


Fifth, see the other with the eyes of God: contemplation and dialogue

The text of her talk may be found by clicking on this link: Sowers of Prophetic Hope the Call to Interreligious Dialogue Donna-Orsuto_ENG


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