Thanksgiving and Blessing

Thanksgiving and Blessing for the New Leader

Thanksgiving and Blessing for the New Leader

The day of the Elections began with a Gathering Prayer after which those Sisters present proceeded to the election of the Leadership Team.

The Chapter then prayedfor a blessing on the new Leadership Team. this was then followed by our Kenyan and Ecuadorian Sisters dancing and singing around the seated new Leadership Team in a hymn of Thanksgiving and Blessing.

Sister Maureen Murphy the newly Elected Congregation Leader was then dressed with special clothes from part of Kenya. These clothes are for respectable women in the community who are leaders in the community.

The clothes included:
A wrapper decorated with beads – a sign of service to all.
A belt for endurance and perseverance at difficult times.
A shawl to keep the Leader warm.
A neck band decorated with cowry shells to make the Leader beautiful.
A crown for Leadership.

Sister Maureen was also presented with a pot set on a fire place, three stones and firewood. this signifies that the Leader is to prepare food and feed all those under her care.

The three stones represented our Vows. The pot has to be supported by these stones and cooking can not take place without the support of the stones. this emphasises the support that each of the Sisters is to give to the Leadership Team.

The Gourd given is a special vessel used to make traditional yogurt. This is to be used to nourish the family. The Leader, therefore, is to take care and nourish the sick, the healthy and the young.


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