Human Trafficking Concerns

“The trade in human persons constitutes a shocking offence against human dignity and a grave violation of fundamental human rights”
(Pope John Paul 11)

Franciscan International

Franciscan International

As FMSJs we are committed to working with many local and international organizations to raise awareness about and work to eradicate human trafficking. We support Franciscan International‘s involvement in training others to help eradicate human trafficking, which deprives human beings of their dignity. In its fight against traffic in persons, FI combines two aspects: sexual exploitation and economic exploitation, evidenced in forced labour, debt bondage, and domestic work.

All of us can work in our own small ways to eliminate human trafficking, for example, writing to our government leaders to raise awareness about human trafficking or asking the organizations/parishes to which we belong to host an information night about this issue.

There is a newsletter, Stop Trafficking


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