Justice & Peace

Privacy Statement: 

The Congregation is committed to the safeguarding of the privacy rights of individuals in relation to the obtaining, processing, retaining and protection of their personal data, in accordance with good practice and the law of the jurisdiction where they reside.


Based on our desire to live out our Christian and Franciscan ideals of love for all people, our 2011 Chapter statement on Safeguarding demonstrates the commitment of our Sisters to protect all children and all vulnerable people. Thus we promise to study our Congregational Safeguarding policies and ensure that each Region has a policy in line with Church and civil regulations. We commit ourselves to cooperating fully with Civil and Church Law in every country in which we minister. We endeavour to show courage and determination in seeking justice and fairness in the course of protecting the rights of the most vulnerable among us.

The Congregation is aligned to the Salford Diocesan Safeguarding CommissionThe Goddard Inquiry was established in March 2015 as a full and wide ranging inquiry into non-recent sexual abuse. Along with other Religious Congregations, we will fully co-operate with the Inquiry if required to do so.

We are committed to fostering a culture of Justice and Peace through the awareness and prevention of human trafficking, and the promotion of the Franciscan ideals of Justice and Peace and the integrity of creation.

Sisters do this in various concrete ways in all the countries in which we minister. Some gather with local residents to organize neighbourhood clean-ups; others participate in lobbying and letter writing campaigns to promote various social justice causes in conjunction with other organizations, e.g. Amnesty International, CAFOD, Bread for the World; others work with the L’Arche communities; some promote sustainable gardening projects which enable women to make a living for their families.

Practising sustainable gardening in Panyan’gara Uganda

As FMSJs we encourage all the people with whom we minister to promote the integrity of creation and the human dignity of all people.


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